Terra Sapiens - Never Apart - Montreal

TERRA SAPIENS | Honored to share this collaboration with dear friend and artist extraordinaire Damian Siqueiros Photographer, my design firm LembasWorks and the TerraSapiensCollective with an open invitation to a guided walk through of “Terra Sapiens: Art for Environmental Regeneration” exhibition this Saturday at Never Apart, our dream hosts. 🌍 
We’re delighted to have Dax Dasilva join us as we all share our explorations and design processes of our works. The artists, creative producers and, thinkers will also share their manifesto of creating for impact, and how art can be such a force for environmental impact. 
Dax Dasilva - Founder & CEO Lightspeed & NeverApartMtl / Author, Age of Union 

Damian Siqueiros Photographer - Principal Creator and Curator 

Tara Baz, LembasWorks - OriginalScore / Creative Director & Producer 

Rémi Lemieux_, LembasWorks - Executive Producer / Executive  
Never Apart - Hosts / Co Sponsors 🌱 

Moses Baxter, Head of sound 
Music and soundscape creation 

With gratitude to 

Contributing Scientists: David Grinspoon, Elena Bennett, Ciara RH, Marianne Falardeau-Côté, Karina Benessaiah

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